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Multiple causes converge to explain which requirements: 134

1626 The new Chapel keeps the brand new change out of concur involving the partners as the latest essential feature one to "helps make the wedding." 127 If consent is lacking there is absolutely no relationships.

1627 The brand new agree consists within the an excellent "people work whereby the people mutually promote themselves to each other": "We take you becoming my partner" - "We take you is my better half." 128 That it consent that binds this new partners together finds their satisfaction regarding the two "getting one tissue." 129

Difference regarding cult is next exacerbates these troubles

1628 Brand new agree must be a work of your own usually away from each one of the employing people, clear of coercion or grave additional anxiety. 130 No person fuel can substitute for that it agree. 131 If it liberty is without having the wedding is actually incorrect.

1629 Ergo (and other causes one to offer the fresh new ination of your own disease because of the skilled ecclesiastical tribunal, is claim the newest nullity off a marriage, we.e., your matrimony never resided. 132 In this instance the newest hiring parties is actually able to get married, given new absolute personal debt regarding a past relationship are released. 133

1630 New priest (or deacon) whom facilitate from the event off a age of your Church and provide the brand new true blessing of one's Church. The existence of the fresh new Church's minister (and possess of your witnesses) significantly expresses the fact that wedding is an enthusiastic ecclesial reality.

1631 This is why as to why the latest Chapel normally necessitates that Link za web mjesto the newest faithful offer relationships according to the ecclesiastical mode.

- Sacramental wedding try an effective liturgical act. So it's suitable that it will likely be celebrated from the social liturgy of the Church;